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Graphic Design to Make You Look Like a Million Bucks (While Costing MUCH Less)!


American Medical Response, America's largest medical transportation company, worked with Avatar &Thinknik to make a recruitment campaign that increased recruits by 30%


Childrens Technology Workshop used Thinknik for eveything from decorating the inside of their new building (from color choices to wall art) to promoting it.


Israel-based DesignArt Networks works with Thinknik to create print ads, web graphics, HTML emails, Flash illustrations and product shots.


A new food company (still in development) worked with Thinknik to develop cut sheets to promote their product line for an investor meeting - they are now funded and branded!


Thinknik illustrated the Laidlaw Transportation (now FirstStudent) school bus driver manual with more than 100 drawings, ready for press (and well before deadline) in a week!


When Avatar Management Services requires fast turn-around on quality graphics, they turn to Thinknik.


Cutter Equipment Company retained Thinknik since 2002 to create the sales materials that have made it the world's largest reseller of used turf equipment.

Sales and Marketing Collateral
What are you doing to knock out the competition?

Graphics by Thinknik

Take a good, long look at your sales and marketing collateral. Print out everything from sales sheets, cut sheets, rate cards, catalogs, mailers and post cards, then lay them out side-by-side.

These pieces are often your company's first impression with potential clients and customers. Be as objective as possible when you answer these questions:

  • • Do your print materials have the same graphic design look and feel as your web site?
  • • Is your logo presented in the same way?
  • • Is your messaging consistent? Is your marketing collateral written for regular people to read?
  • • Is the artwork and photography consistent throughout your sales materials?

Hopefully, you are happy with all of your marketing and sales materials. Most likely, you'll find a few pieces which can be improved: enter Thinknik!

Fortune 500® Materials Without Spending a Fortune!
Affordable, quality work - the hallmark of Thinknik!

Gameboard and Packaging Design

Thinknik founder, Brian Diehl, has worked with start up companies for more than 20 years. From this experience, we understand that you need to get the biggest bang for the buck.

Thinknik works with you to explore marketing possibilities that offer an impressive return on investment. Companies of all sizes have expressed their thanks for protecting their bottom line.

As a small, Ohio-based operation, we can save you money on every project, while providing graphics, web sites, illustrations, sales materials and all kinds of branding and positioning that look like a million bucks!


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Talk About Creative
Clients voice their opinion of Brian Diehl & Thinknik:

Cutter Equipment Company
Thinknik helped us brand our company and develop a corporate identity which has held up for more than 8 years.  We started as a small startup and now hold the largest share in our market.  Thinknik's ideas and creative work have definitely helped us create an international brand.

Gregory Moore, President, Cutter Equipment Co.

Avatar Management Services
Thinknik provided fast, creative support for several projects, ranging from illustrating instruction books, to designing graphics to formatting manuals.  They also helped us beef-up our logo and put together a library of sales collateral.

Linda Gardner,
President, Avatar Management Services

Peninsula Architects
Brian has always brought a creative energy to everything he has done for us. His enthusiasm and experience have been invaluable in helping Peninsula Architects build its brand.

Joseph Matava, President, Peninsula Architects

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