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About Thinknik — Marketing Success

Thinknik Knows How to Market Within a Budget
From Fortune 500® companies to venture-seeking start-ups, we understand you need more for less - enter Thinknik:

Since Thinknik was founded in 2002, we have provided creative resources, marketing, graphic design, public relations and marcom (marketing communications) support to more than 200 companies of all sizes. What can Thinknik do for you?

  • • Increase your profits
  • • Establish a recognizeable brand
  • • Keep your clients engaged

Founder Brian Diehl has more than 20 years experience working with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies:

  • • 20+ years of working with startups - helping to position them for more than $10 million in funding
  • • 10 years of experience as Director of Marketing for NEC America's North Coast Logic division
  • • Successful marketing and communication programs across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • • 10 years of experience writing, voicing and producing radio commercials
  • • Graphic designs used for marketing programs in more than 50 countries

When it comes to marketing, Thinknik gets it:

  • • Your return on investment is imperative
  • • You are operating on limited funds
  • • Not every "marketing consultant" understands copyright laws
  • • Your company needs a quick study - someone who understands your business, your industry and you

Thinknik understands this and more. We have experience working with service companies of all types (from garage doors to home improvement to pest control), technology and software companies (including NEC America and startup companies like Ayalogic, COMS and DesignArt Networks), community organizations (such as Nortech, TeamNEO and various civic organizations), entertainment companies (from developing artist press kits to board games), construction (including projects for Panzica Construction, Peninsula Architects, Design Endeavors)... get the idea? We get you. ...and, we'd love to get your business!

Start-up and 501(c)3 Friendly

We offer reduced rates to JumpStart Inc., Draper, Early Stage Partners & other venture portfolio companies. Thinknik also offers reduced rates to not-for-profit organizations throughout the US and Canada. Call us for details: 330.283.9550.

Fast, Creative, Affordable

Thinknik works with you to improve your company's bottom line. Whether it's bolstering your image with a new or revised corporate identity program, or getting your project off the ground with a web site or marketing materials, Thinknik is up to the challenge.

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Our Skills
What Thinknik offers:

Marketing, Corporate Identity, Branding & Positioning
  Brand and Logo Development
  Sales & Marketing Materials
  Print Ads
  Graphic Design
  Marketing Plans and calendars
Marketing Communications
  Copywriting & Editing
  Trade Shows
  Meeting Planning
  Corporate Events
  Presentations (PowerPoint, Video, etc...)
  Web Site Design
  Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc)
  Search Engine Optimization
Public Relations
  Press Releases
  Media Events
Creative Direction
  Graphic Design
  Business Cards
  Letterhead Design
  Brainstorming Workshops
  Client training program design
  Lesson plans
  Instruction for adult classes
Other Hep Stuff
  Fine Art
  Broadcast Writing
  Video Production