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Designs for Film, Video and Stage

Printed materials for stage and theater

Thinknik has developed and created a variety of materials for video, film and theatrical events. We can make props good enough for a closeup or bold enough for stage use!

We create historical and fantasy documents

From laminated identification badges to WWII printed ID tags - licenses to government IDs, we provide close-up quality art. (We'll need to know about your production Co. first)


We are thrilled to offer Photoshop composites, collages, corrections, reconstructions or any other tweak you may be looking for. Better than airbrushing and all digital!


Thinknik specializes in recreating historical documents. We can produce documents to their original, exacting degrees as if they were new or aged 40 or 400 years!

Motion Picture Perfect
Designs for movies and on-stage

Thinknik designs look great in movies and plays

Brian Diehl has been working with film and video producers and live theatre companies for more than 25 years - even before Thinknik was founded. We understand that directorial styles can drive the type of design and the susequent budget. Print and paper props ("properties," if you're not into the whole brevity thing) can be designed and produced for extreme closeups or general shots, where more affordable printing processes may be employed. Thinknik offers the following services:

Custom Graphic Design

  • • Logos and Full Branding Packages
  • • Product packaging, newspapers, stamps, documents from any period
  • • We can deisng a logo for you, or create designs using your existing logo
  • • Thinknik will sign a copyright waiver, upon agreement
  • • Branding and packaging ready for vinyl cut, silk screen, video, film or embroidery
  • • Print designs for flexography, offset press, lithography, digital, screen printing, web and computer programs

Paper Props and Paperwork (including, but not limited to:)

  • • Historically accurate documents, World War paperwork, Civil war documents, Victorian books, Renaissance
  • • Government forms, Police paperwork, Official documents, Letterhead, Identification cards
  • • Educational paperwork, Diplomas and citations, Transcripts and Report cards
  • • Day-to-day objects, Mail and bills, Food labels, Receipts
  • • Financial and Legal documents, Checkbooks, Certificates, Bank Bonds, Money
  • • Medical reports, Wristbands
  • • Business paperwork, Job applications

Identification Badges, Shirts and Other Such Materials

  • • Vinyl cut logos for machinery, vehicles, walls, including graphics for auto wrapping
  • • Silk screened or embroidered shirts, pants and jackets.
  • • Screen printed cups, bags, products, etc.
  • • ID badges for police, government agencies or evil overlords and their minions!

Photo Retouching, Photoshop and Restoration

  • • Place actors in photos or posters with historical, or famous, characters
  • • Create composite photos, with actual photos of actors from years earlier
  • • Restore photos to original quality
  • • Photos can be displayed on high definition

Thinknik supplies vector and raster images ready for print, or can arrange for printing and packaging of products, as requested. We charge Ohio rates, not Los Angeles or New York. No job is too big or too small!

Thinknik provides creative solutions that work for you and your budget. Call us for a free creative consultation today: 330.283.9550.

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Talk About Creative
Clients voice their opinion of Brian Diehl & Thinknik:

Davey Tree: Video Department
Brian Diehl has offered creative support for a variety of projects.  From video to voice-overs, he worked with me to develop affordable, practical and creative outcomes.

Tom Hutchins, Sr. Producer, Davey Tree Expert Co.

Avatar: Video and Film for Business
Thinknik provided fast, creative support for several projects, ranging from illustrating instruction books, to designing graphics to formatting manuals.  They also helped us beef-up our logo and put together a library of sales collateral.

Linda Gardner,
President, Avatar Management Services

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