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A Great Brand Starts With a Great Logo!


Thinknik was asked to create branding based on its parent company's trident logo. This positioned the Hydraulock as a player in the hydraulic hardware industry.


Cutter Equipment Co. was Thinknik's first client. We worked with them to develop branding/positioning programs; helping them become a world leader in used turf equipment.


HeliosIP wanted a clean, strong logo design that would help position their nascent firm as established and progressive.


Maplecrest Golf Club is a well-established golf club with no branding. They are now planning to have their new logo embroidered on hats, shirts and more.


Flaame is a 501(c)3 organization concentrating on eliminating medical errors in hospitals. Thinknik combined the flame theme with an abstract image of the people they protect.


Rail2Rail offers Internet broadcasts of sports tournaments across the Pacific Northwest. Thinknik's logo has helped establish them as a recognizable player in their industry.


Quorum is a legal consultancy that worked closely with Thinknik to get exactly the logo design they wanted.


1Kid2Another, a Dallas, Texas-based organizer of children's clothing consignment sales, wanted a simple logo demonstrating their philanthropic work.


Shelly's Cravings is developing a line of pepper pastes for commercial cooking. The branding being developed centers on the personality and gregariousness of its founder.

...not just a 1960's TV show...

Thinknik logo design

Sure, a great logo design is easily recognized, affordably printed and ready to print on everything from billboards to pens...but, what are you doing with your branding?

Are you using your logo consistently? Have you created a design guide to ensure its proper use? What is your company's writing style? Are you focusing on primary talking points? Are you gettig your message across in the same way with each piece? How are you positioning your company? Good branding helps you:

  • • Establish client loyalty
  • • Connect to your target audience on an emotional level
  • • Underscore your organization's credibility
  • • Articulate how unique your product offering really is

A good logo is more than some clip art. Thinknik designs are:

  • • Scalable and reproducible at all sizes - from pens to billboards
  • • Provided to you in raster and vector formats (vector formats are vital for branding - call us to discuss why)
  • • Created with your budget and ultimate use in-mind
  • • Designed specifically for your target audience and industry
  • • Equal or better quality — and condiderably more affordable — than any large marketing or design firm

We help you understand where your company stands in the marketplace, create a logo and graphics to help you stand out and position your company with expert copywriting. Your logo is just the start - let's build a foundation that will help keep it on-top!

Thinknik provides creative solutions that work for you and your budget. Call us for a free creative consultation today: 330.283.9550

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Talk About Creative
Clients voice their opinion of Brian Diehl & Thinknik:

Marshall Carpet One
We enjoy working with Thinknik and appreciate Brian Diehl's sage advice concerning the things that affect our bottom line. Marshall Carpet One has been working with Thinknik for more than 5 years. In that time, Thinknik has offered us professional marketing and public relations consultation, while developing a new website for us and helping us as we opened our new flooring superstore. We highly recommend Thinknik's services!

Chuck Wien, President, Marshall Carpet One

Absolute Pest Control
We found out about Thinknik through a friend who also had used his services. Brian designed a great web page for us. He was very helpful in answering questions we had and offering ideas. We have had numerous positive comments on our webpage since. I would highly recommend Thinknik to anyone -- they are always there when we need them.

Brad Anderson, President, Absolute Pest Control

Davey Tree Expert Company
Brian Diehl has offered creative support for a variety of projects.  From video to voice-overs, he worked with me to develop affordable, practical and creative outcomes.

Tom Hutchins, Sr. Producer, Davey Tree Expert Co.

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